What Alex Ferguson Can Teach You.

Posted on October 22nd, 2012 in Blog.

Sir Alex Ferguson is perhaps the greatest football manager in the world. Since the late 1980s he’s led Manchester United to consistent and constant glory. He’s built teams, broke teams, and built them up again. He’s unrivalled in titles, cups, and tournament wins, but where his legacy has been created is in the way he runs his football team. The goal of any manager is longevity. A flash in the pan team is not desirable for the manager or the supporters of the club. To become the best, it’s crucial to learn from the best.

Iron Commitment

Anybody who knows anything about Manchester United knows about the amount of focus and commitment the manager demands from his team. Use these lessons and demand the same standards. This doesn’t mean the manager has to be a tyrant or the team has to be worked to death, it simply means during training sessions and matches the team performs at its highest level.

Nobody is suggesting using the infamous ‘hairdryer’ treatment, but pushing people on to greatness through some gentle encouragement should always be employed. Some players just need a little push first.

Good Terms

Players will come and go. Some will leave through choice, and others will leave because they are simply not good enough to keep up with the rest of the team. It doesn’t give the manager or the team a right to be disrespectful or overly critical after somebody has left the team for any reason. If Fergie didn’t why would David Beckham talk about his former manager with such respect after having a football boot kicked in his face?

Parents are going to be more likely to send their children to a club who has a coach who is always treating current and former players with respect. It shows good morals, and it imparts good morals onto the players.

Look Ahead

Sir Alex Ferguson is never looking at the now, he’s always looking into the future. Throughout his tenure, the club has had a few disappointing seasons where they weren’t as sharp as people expected. Yet, the next season they began to dominate and this lasted for a number of years. It goes in cycles, and it’s as successful every time.

Apply this to even the smallest clubs and it will become more successful over time. It doesn’t have to be a big secret, either. If the idea is to experiment in preparation for a grand tournament six months down the line, tell the team about it. There are no benefits to keeping these things secret. The players and the other teams are going to discover it sooner or later.

All About the Team

The team has to be able to cope with each other before they can cope with the onslaught from other teams. Manchester United is never flustered by media reports or criticism because the team goes into their own private shell. They believe in each other and they are like a family, so outsiders don’t matter. Apply the same principle and bring the team closer together. It will eliminate the majority of team conflict and will give everybody the chance to concentrate on getting better.

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