What It Means To Be a Team Player

Posted on July 5th, 2012 in Blog.

A team player is something that’s hard to be. It can involve a great many things, including a removal of some of that vital ego. But being a team player is more important due to the fact that if nobody acts as a team player then there’s no team. It’s just a team of individuals in the same place at the same time, and ultimately this won’t benefit anybody. The team player is the one that knits all the team together, and here are the reasons why this is difficult.

Loss of Ego

If the team player happens to be a really good player as an individual then it can be a big blow to their egos if they have to take a back seat to somebody else. It means that they will be passing the ball to somebody else, it doesn’t mean that they will be taking the ball, taking on five players, and then earning a vital point for the team. A loss of ego can be tough for many people, and that’s precisely why many people don’t want to become the team player.

All the Work and No Credit

Team players are notorious for receiving absolutely nothing in return for all their hard work. The star player will sit around until they get the ball, whereas the team player will be the person running around desperately trying to get the ball back. And even if the team wins a tournament and the trophy is on the bus back home, the team player will be sat at the back of the bus with everybody else watching the star handle the trophy.

The important thing to remember is that even though the work will be hard and the credit will be little, the important thing is that they know that they have accomplished something.

Lots of Work

As already mentioned, the team player will be the individual desperately running around for the team. Their duties don’t stop there, though. They will be attempting to boost the team’s morale when things are going wrong and they will be acting as the stick when the coach is absent. This is a lot of work, and as already mentioned there will be little credit involved. Once again, it’s important to be able to do this as a strong work ethic will be developed and this can be vital for the future. Train now and it will create good habits for the future.

Is it Worth it as a Team Player?

Judging from all of those above points it doesn’t appear as if it’s worth it at all, but the truth is that it’s worth it. If the team doesn’t have a key team player then nothing can happen. The team will be loose and won’t be able to come together when it’s needed. So for the sake of the team it’s worth it because what’s the best option, to have no credit but be on the winning side or to have all the credit and accomplish nothing?

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