Why Managing a Team is More Than Just Arranging Games

Posted on June 28th, 2012 in Blog.

Ok, so a manager might believe that they are using some sort of special skill to arrange games. The truth is they aren’t. Anyone can arrange games and this could be a player, a supervisor, a teacher, or anybody else. Arranging games is not really what a manager does. Yes, they might take over those duties in their role, but they are much more than that.

When a manager arranges a game they could just send them in and tell them to have fun, but it doesn’t really do anything. They might have fun for the day, however there are no lasting benefits and nobody can expect to get anything more than a bit of fun. Take a look at any football manager, rugby manager, or anybody else in any sport. They don’t organise the games, the games are arranged for them, so their duties lie in other places, and managers even at the lowest levels should follow their leads too.

The Players

The players are the most important thing in management. If they can’t be motivated or trained to do better then what’s the point in the whole process? The answer is that there are absolutely no benefits whatsoever. It’s a manager’s duty to help their players grow as players and as people. If they can’t instil some vital life skills within them then they have failed in what they are doing.

The Game

The game is obviously the most important part. It’s where all the training comes in and where everything comes to fruition. Ok, it’s about having fun. If nobody is having fun then nobody will learn anything but disillusionment. But what it’s also about is tactics. Tactics are a key part of everything because not only will it aid those players that go on to higher levels within their sports, but it will also aid those players who previously struggled with their logic and creativity. The players usually won’t have any input when it comes to tactics, although they will certainly learn something for the future.

The Sport

A good manager can mean the difference between players getting into sport and becoming disillusioned with a sport. That’s why managers should make sure that they inspire confidence and do more than just organising the games. Many people will enjoy the sport automatically, but others will have to be eased into it. But when they are eased into it they will learn to enjoy it on their own. It’s not only important for their future fitness it’s important for their overall health.

Training or Not?

This is a debatable point as people will always insist that some people are naturals at management. It’s true that some people have a natural talent for it, but this natural talent can often only be brought through by training. If the individual in question wants to be a manager then they should consider learning their craft under somebody else first. They will soon discover that management is more than just organising a game or two!

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