Why Sport and Life Go Together Like A Pie And A Pint

Posted on March 31st, 2012 in Blog.

Some sports have unfortunately being stereotyped as a place to go for a cheap laugh, a place to get violent, or as a reason to get drunk in the bar after the game, whereas other sports have gained the stereotype as being full of snobs. It’s sad, but they are only stereotypes. Yes, it’s a great place to have fun, but it’s also a place where life skills can be learned and enhanced. Sport is not only useful for sporting reasons, it’s also useful in every aspect of life.

Learn to Talk

Many people are shy and reclusive, but this can be solved by joining a sports team. In a sports team, success is created through integration, teamwork, and general interaction. People are forced to do this or they don’t last in the sport for a long time. If you know someone who’s reclusive then tell them to join a sports team and the chances are they will enhance their social skills and make new friends. Sport has the uncanny ability of bringing people out of their shells so they can play an active role in the team.

It will allow them to experience empathy for others, to receive feedback, to give constructive criticism, and learn how to solve problems in a constructive manner with others. Think about many of the common situations which appear in life and you will soon discover that developing all of these skills are imperative for living a fruitful and healthy life.


What do all successful athletes have in common? They have the ability to concentrate on what they are doing. They have sharpened their concentration skills to such an extent that they transcend the boundaries of how long an average human can concentrate on something for. But they didn’t develop this through genetics or plain luck, they did this through joining a sports team.

Sport helps develop your concentration because you always have to keep your eye on the game, on your teammates, and everything else around you if you’re going to succeed. Over time, these concentration skills will sharpen themselves and it will aid you in daily life. You will be more aware of your surroundings and you will be more likely to notice things that others can’t.

Stress Management

If there is anything which all humans on earth have in common it’s most certainly stress. Stress is a problem for many people as it can lead to mental breakdowns, deterioration in concentration, and a general bad attitude. But sport is the tool to help people manage their stress.

Stress can be built-up by inactivity as there’s no release for all that extra energy inside you, but vigorous activity as part of a sports team can completely eliminate this energy in a healthy and manageable way. This consistent release of energy and stress will ultimately make you a more laid-back person and will also give you the ability to relax in stressful situations, which is invaluable in the stress-filled world we live in today.

Give yourself the ultimate advantage in all that you do and join a sports team today!

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